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Apport takes immense pride in its team of employees who have worked hard and shown a passion towards taking the company to an entire new level. Our employees are an experienced team of people who specialize in research, knowledge and believe in implementing new ideas in their approach towards work. If you think you have some dynamic business ideas, we are here to turn your dreams into reality.

Life at Apport:

Apport values all its employees and considers all individuals working here a part of our extended family. A global team, we offer our employees a working environment that helps them learn and grow professionally. Life at Apport is about breathing in a workplace that offers new challenges each day as it comes filled with excitement and fun. Helping you develop professional skills, Apport is an organization whose core values are trust, freedom, modesty and team spirit. Our project based approach towards work encourages team effort, which helps you absorb the essence of healthy competition and leadership.

The work culture at Apport nurtures an individual's talent and encourages its employees to recognize their potential and discover their limits. Our strong work ethics grant an opportunity to all employees to be a part of a corporate structure and contribute to its development.

Currently the positions that are open with the Apport Group are as follows:

Position Location Exp.
Accounts Manager (1 no.) Gurgaon 3-5 years
Back Office Facilitator (1 no.) Gurgaon 2-5 years
Business Development Manager (3 nos.) Gurgaon 1-3 years
Front Office Executive (1 no.) Gurgaon 1-3 years
Manager - Media Relations (3 nos.) Gurgaon 3-5 years
Sales Executive - Residential (5 nos.) Gurgaon 2-5 years
Sales Executive - Commercial (5 nos.) Gurgaon 2-5 years
Sales Executive - Hospitality (5 nos.) Gurgaon 2-5 years
Sales Manager - Residential (3 nos.) Gurgaon 5-8 years
Sales Executive - Residential (5 nos.) Patiala 5-8 years

If you feel that you are the right candidate for any of the above positions, please email us your resume at hr@apport.in


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